For The Love of Scrubs!

We’ve been clapping for the NHS and our key workers for the past 3 weeks of lockdown. Every time, I can’t help but feel a bit pathetic…how does this really help key workers? Moreover, why didn’t we clap for our key workers, before COVID-19?

In week 2 of isolation, my boss put my colleagues and I in touch with a family who are orchestrating the make and distribution of Scrubs for the NHS; I felt an urgent need to put to use my sewing knowledge and skills in order to help. Two days ago, I received my package of fabrics, pattern pieces and threads; I have completed five sets of scrubs.

Personally, it takes about 1 hour to sew together a pair of trousers and around 2 hours for a top – this takes longer because it includes two pockets and two facings. No doubt, the timings will decrease as I complete more and more scrubs.

Like many, I am working on an unpaid, voluntary basis. To keep this project alive, the family orchestrating this are reliant on funds raised by the general public.

There will be local groups around you who are supporting the same cause, I implore you to do some research, reach out to these groups and see how you can donate or get involved!

You can follow our journey on Facebook here:

You can make a donation to us via this link:

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