The Art of Weaving in the Eastern Himalayan Mountains Part II: ‘The Himalayan Tribal Welfare Society’

Artisan Techniques and Craft: Part 2 Last month, I introduced you to Anthony Jonnom from a tribe in the Eastern Himalayas, he asked me to write an article post on weaving in his village; the last post explored woven fabrics and this week, woven miscellaneous items such as bags, hats and baskets. Basket weaving isContinue reading “The Art of Weaving in the Eastern Himalayan Mountains Part II: ‘The Himalayan Tribal Welfare Society’”

Home-made: altering Simplicity Pattern – 8385

This week I pulled out an old fabric I had cooped up in a box – my previous post and the mention of Japan prompted me to rescue this fabric and finally put it to use. Earlier in the year I picked up this vintage Simplicity Pattern at a charity shop in Stockport for £1.Continue reading “Home-made: altering Simplicity Pattern – 8385”

The Art of Weaving in the Eastern Himalayan Mountains: ‘The Himalayan Tribal Welfare Society’

I have recently been in contact with Anthony Jonnom from an Arunachal Pradesh tribe in the Eastern Himalayas. Anthony reached out to a group I am following on Facebook that promotes and offers guidance on sustainability in Fashion. He asked bloggers and journalists to cover the history of weaving in his village, to generate nationwide interest in their beautiful, hand-made products.

For The Love of Scrubs!

We’ve been clapping for the NHS and our key workers for the past 3 weeks of lockdown. Every time, I can’t help but feel a bit pathetic…how does this really help key workers? Moreover, why didn’t we clap for our key workers, before COVID-19? In week 2 of isolation, my boss put my colleagues andContinue reading “For The Love of Scrubs!”

Doncaster Fashion Week

28th September 2019 – Doncaster Fashion Week I was granted the opportunity to showcase at the debut of Doncaster Fashion Week 2019. This was an unforgettable day, to be able to see my collection on a runway catwalk for the second time since I graduated was a surreal experience. Here are some photos fromContinue reading “Doncaster Fashion Week”

Behind The Scenes of our Lookbook shoot – COURBE AW19

Behind the scenes shots of my team and I, shooting the lookbook for Courbe AW19 with Make Up: Thank you to my beautiful models; Kitty, Amy and Zoulu. I will remember this day fondly, it was the first time I saw my collection in its entirety, finished, ready for the catwalk; it wasContinue reading “Behind The Scenes of our Lookbook shoot – COURBE AW19”